January 16, 2012

In honor of the HIGHLY ANTICIPATED series finale of one of my FAVORITE TV shows, and as an excuse to blog about How I Met Your Mother on a blog that is supposed to be strictly design and work related, I bring you WHO’S YOUR MOMMY. I cannot to wait to find out in 81 minutes, WHO is the mother of Ted Moseby‘s children… I admit, I wasn’t an early adopter of How I Met Your Mother, but I did just watch/rewatch the whole series in it’s entirety (I wasn’t just wasting time, I was multi-tasking, probably making something like this…) and in chronological order so that I was ready to watch the finale in REAL TIME. I think that makes me a legit fan, so don’t get on my case about “not watching from the start.” I came around. That’s what’s important. Anyways enough talk and more typography.

Okay UPDATE (just moments after posting this)… I think it’s just the SEASON finale tonight… This is good and bad. Good: more How I Met Your Mother! Bad: I want to know the mother! AND this piece of typography was supposed to be timely!!! I could still be wrong about being wrong, and have been right all along… But we’ll find out in 32 minutes.

UPDATE AGAIN. I was totally wrong! There’s a whole season still to come! Ooops.

January 3, 2012

If you’re a frequent visitor to the site, which you probably are not, you might notice some changes. Like, that you can now access the blog! (Hopefully this means I won’t just be blogging secretly twice a year as has been the case thus far…) Or that the design of the project pages is cleaner and appear in a slideshow format. You might even notice that the slideshow in the homepage moves faster now and all the slideshows on the site now work with keyboard navigation. Yep. All that is true. Thanks for noticing! (If you are a return visitor and DON’T notice these design changes, for the love of god, please clear your cache so you can see all my hard work. If you clear your cache AND still don’t see the changes then you just aren’t paying attention.)

I spent the better part of the holidays working on this update (between gorging myself on peppermint bark and roast beef, and boozing it up like a good holidays-celebrator, all while while watching a mega marathon of Breaking Bad. (OMG that show is amazing… So glad my little brother insisted that I watch. But please no spoilers, I’m only through season 3.)