MacInspires Branding

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This is the branding for MacInspires, an Apple repair shop in Grenwich, CT. MacInspires repairs Apple products and also consults and educates their customers about their Apple products. MacInspires truly believe in Apple products and to quote the client, “they (Apple) don’t just create great products, they create products that enrich and change our lives.” This logo needed to convey that they are not just a repair shop, but they are furthering Apples mission to enrich people’s lives, and educate, through Apple products.

The rainbow colors used in the logo reference the early Apple logo’s use of rainbow colors without overtly referencing the Apple logo (past or present) or branding, in order to allow MacInspires to have its own unique identity. Sometimes the rainbow is present, sometimes only one of the colors of the rainbow will be present. The cloud represents a thought, or, inspiration. I created variations of the logo to be used in different instances as shown above. The option with words in the inspiration cloud (slide no.3) was an idea that could be used in MacInspire’s retail space. The version with the enlarged text and small cloud to the right (slide no.5) is going to be used as the storefront awning.

I will also be working on the website design for MacInspires and will update here once that is complete.

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2011, NYC