The Virgins

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When I found out I was going to get to design a website for the indie rock band, The Virgins, I was pretty pumped.

While I was pleased overall with the end result, the design process turned out to be a bit more grueling than I had anticipated. It took rounds upon rounds of rejected designs and countless revisions before arriving at what you see here. I was pretty happy with what went up, but I was kind of attached to some of those rejects… In one of them, I proposed putting a game of “Virgins Pong” in the top left square of the home page which would use the band members’ heads instead of ping pong balls. If that’s not fun, what is? Sadly, they weren’t really into that idea. At all. Their loss. Maybe I’ll make “Ankatank Pong” and put it on this site…

This site was live from early 2009 to 2010.

what i did

website design, AS2 Flash development (audio and video players)


Atlantic Records / The Virgins


2008-2009, NYC