Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights Website

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Jonathan Tyler and the Northern Lights are a noisy rock ‘n roll band. I designed their website, icons and other assets for the website, established the style guide for new pages to be created as needed and integrated seamlessly, and was also involved with site architecture.

A unique feature of this site is the huge video in the header which immediately hits users/fans with the band’s live presence. It was important to convey this as the band is known primarily for it’s impressive live shows and stage presence.

In addition to design, I was able to put a lesser-known talent of mine to use: witty caption writing. While I didn’t exactly write witty captions for the site, I did help to come up with some of the informal language used in the naming of certain sections, such as “buy our junk” in place of the typical “merch.” This helped to give the site a personality to match the band’s.

what i did

design, IA, a little writing/witticizing


2010, NYC