January 16, 2012

In honor of the HIGHLY ANTICIPATED series finale of one of my FAVORITE TV shows, and as an excuse to blog about How I Met Your Mother on a blog that is supposed to be strictly design and work related, I bring you WHO’S YOUR MOMMY. I cannot to wait to find out in 81 minutes, WHO is the mother of Ted Moseby‘s children… I admit, I wasn’t an early adopter of How I Met Your Mother, but I did just watch/rewatch the whole series in it’s entirety (I wasn’t just wasting time, I was multi-tasking, probably making something like this…) and in chronological order so that I was ready to watch the finale in REAL TIME. I think that makes me a legit fan, so don’t get on my case about “not watching from the start.” I came around. That’s what’s important. Anyways enough talk and more typography.

Okay UPDATE (just moments after posting this)… I think it’s just the SEASON finale tonight… This is good and bad. Good: more How I Met Your Mother! Bad: I want to know the mother! AND this piece of typography was supposed to be timely!!! I could still be wrong about being wrong, and have been right all along… But we’ll find out in 32 minutes.

UPDATE AGAIN. I was totally wrong! There’s a whole season still to come! Ooops.

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