January 18, 2012

Stop SOPA & PIPA, save the Internet. Without a free, uncensored, un-policed Internet, I and so many others couldn’t do what we do. “What we do” is anything from run and promote a small business, protest injustices, communicate and collaborate with people across the world, share our creative projects and ideas with millions of people and gain a following all at once through a series of retweets…

GOOD Magazine articulates it much better, as does the video posted below from fightforthefuture.org. You can read more at Good.is and also hear what my better half has to say on the matter here.

GOOD listed several petitions you can sign which will hopefully help put an end to these bills: Popvox, Avaaz, Engine Advocacy, and Fight For The Future. You can also contact your representatives. Wikipedia has a form where you can enter your zip code and it will give you contact information for the representatives in your area.

The internet is one of the greatest technological innovations of our time and it has changed the way think, interact, create, and innovate. Let’s do everything we can to help save it!

PROTECT IP / SOPA Breaks The Internet from Fight for the Future on Vimeo.

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