September 18, 2010

Prince Street Films on SiteInspire

When I woke up the other day, I reached for my intelligent phone to check my email first thing in the morning like I do. I opened my daily email from SiteInspire and SHRIEKED, frightening my ball-and-chain-to-be wide awake from his restful slumber. Why? Because in that email from SiteInspire was a screenshot of, a site I designed earlier this year, and SiteInspire was featuring it in their showcase! Since I love SiteInspire and completely trust their taste, I’m crazy pumped at this news. Maybe a little weirdly overexcited like I won the lottery or something, but just let me have this okay?

After SiteInspire, it got some mentions on a few other design blogs too (I was less shrieky upon subsequent mentions. I guess the fame really got to my head.):
Stuff We &#9829
Web Creme
Design Fridge
Most Inspired
Super Design Blog
CSS Brigit

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